Plan Commission Application Instructions

Please read the instructions on the Christiana Plan Application carefully, and fill out the entire application linked below.

1. Submit 9 copies of the completed Town Plan Commission application, the site plan, aerial photographs, and any supporting documents.  Include a check for the application fee of $200 made payable to the Town of Christiana in order to be placed on the Town Plan Commission meeting agenda.

2. The Plan Commission meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. You must attend this meeting. Your application must be received at least three weeks prior to the fourth Tuesday of the month for it to be placed on that month’s agenda.

3. If a new driveway will be required, a driveway placement permit must be obtained from the Town Public Works Department prior to the application’s placement on the Plan Commission agenda. Contact the Town Garage, (608)
423- 3816, to arrange a time to meet. The driveway permit fee is $100.00. If the driveway will be on a County road, you will also need to contact Dane County for their approval.

4. After the Plan Commission takes action on your request, your application will be referred to the next month’s regular Town Board Meeting. The Town Board meets on the second Monday of each month. You must attend that Town Board Meeting as well.

5. After the Town Board takes action on your application, you should then apply to Dane County (if you have not already done so) for your rezoning, conditional use permit, or land division.


Plan Commission Application- Rezone, Conditional Use Permit, or Land Division











Town of Christiana photos by Virginia Kravik

Distant Rainbow