Do I Need a Building Permit?

Building Permits:
You may need a Town of Christiana Building Permit if you are planning to
• Build, repair, remodel, move, or otherwise plan to alter your property.

A Dane County Zoning Permit may also be needed if you are planning to
• Alter an existing building
• Constructing a new building
• Doing major repairs.
• Constructing or altering a deck or other structures such as a fence
• Adding a solar collector
• Adding a bay or bow window
• Filling or grading in a wetland area

Windows and Doors
Typically, if you are just replacing windows and doors with the replacements of the same size and location you will not need a permit.

Zoning Districts
The Town of Christiana follows Dane County Zoning. To determine what your zoning district is, visit the AccessDane website search for your parcel by owner name, property number, or address. You’ll find your zoning district as well as a link to a page listing zoning restrictions for your particular zoning category and information about setbacks.